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  • Best Oracle Course in Mumbai to Learn in Online / Classroom Format from Best Oracle Training Institute QuickXpert Infotech known for Quality Training in Reasonable Fees and Placements!

  • About Oracle -

    Oracle is among Leading Database Providers using in almost every industry like Finance, Banking, Manufacturing, Retail etc. and hence Oracle Developers and database administrators are very high in demand.

  • About Our Oracle Certification Courses -

    There are majorly 2 tracks in Oracle - Oracle Developer (SQL & PLSQL covered here) and Oracle DBA or Oracle Expert(full course). Oracle Developer that covers SQL & PLSQL programming languages is used to develop database applications. SQL is base lannguage to write queries and create database, PL SQL is programming lanauge to perform advanced database development & DBA (Database Administrator) is used ti manage oracle Server. Hence Learn both Database Development and Management in same course to become an Oracle Expert. People who know all these 3 SQL, PL SQL and DBA are rare combinations and lays down foundation for Quick Jobs with Good Pay.

  • Technologies You Will Learn-

    Oracle 18/21c SQL & PLSQL programming. Note - Oracle DBA is separate course.

  • Trainer -

    Oracle Developer Expert !

  • 100% Placement Support -

    Dedicated HR for placements who co-ordinates with HRs of companies for placements. Please visit home page for more info on our placement process. You could be the next Placed Student of QuickXpert Infotech. Inquire now.

  • Duration -

    2 to 2.5 months (individual courses available)

  • Fees -

    Rs.12000 (O) / Rs.13000 (C)

  • Scope & Job Openings -

    Always and Anytime!

  • Jobs Roles Targeted -

    Oracle Developer, SQL Developer etc.

  • Upcoming Batch -

    Please submit inquriy form

  • Any Pre-requisites -

    None. Any one from IT & non IT background can learn and become Oracle Expert or Database Expert!


Oracle OCA Developer Course
  • Oracle 18/21c Installation
  • Basics
    • Oracle Basics
    • Database models
    • ER Model Overview
    • Data types
    • Understanding Test Database
    • Basics Queries
    • Arithmetic and String functions
    • DML Operations - Insert, Update and Delete
  • Writing Queries
  • Filters
    • IN
    • LIKE
    • NOT
    • NULL
    • AND, OR, NOT etc
    • Using Complex Data Filtering Techniques
  • Sorting
    • Ascending Order
    • Descending Order
    • Complex Sorting
  • Functions
    • String Functions - lower case, uppercase, substring, instring, trim etc.
    • Number Functions
    • Date Manipulation
    • Null Value Functions - NVL, NVL2, NULLIF, COALESCE
    • Conditional Expressions - Case and Decode
  • Groups
    • Basics
    • Grouping functions - AVG, MIN, MAX, COUNT, DISTINCT COUNT etc
    • Grouping Filters - HAVING
  • Joins
    • Cartesian Product
    • Equi and Non-Equi Joins
    • Left Outer Join
    • Right Outer Join
    • Full Outer Join
    • Self Join
  • SET Operators
    • Union
    • Union All
    • Intersect
    • Minus
  • Sub Query & Co-related Sub Query
    • Single Row Sub Query
    • Multi Row Sub Query
  • Creating Views & Inline Views
  • Creating Complex Queries
    • Joins & Groups
    • Joins & Inline Views Integration
  • DDL
    • Tables - Create, Alter, Drop
    • Indexes - Types, Create, Drop
    • Constraints - Not Null, Primary Key, Unique Key, Foreign Key
    • Sequence
    • Synonyms
  • Foreign Key & its Effect on data
  • DML operations - Insert, Update & Delete
    • Insert, Update, Delete & Truncate
    • Common Operations
    • Creating Tables using queries
    • Bulk Data Inserts using Queries
  • Transactions ( T SQL)
    • Commit
    • Rollback
  • DCL - Grant Revoke
  • Project
  • PL SQL Basics
    • Why PLSQL?
    • Anonymous Blocks
    • Data types, Variable, Composite Variables etc
  • Progamming in PLSQL
    • if..elsif..else block
    • Control Structures
      • for loop
      • while loop
      • loop...end loop
    • PLSQL Programs
    • Logic Building
      • Basic Programs
      • Pattern Programs
    • Nested Blocks
  • Using SQL in PLSQL Block
    • Select
    • CRUD
    • Transactions etc
  • Cursors & Adv. Cursors
    • Implicit Cursors
    • Explicit Cursors
    • Cursor For Loops
    • Cursor with parameters
    • Reference Cursors
  • Exception Handling
    • Understanding Exception Handling
    • Using Oracle Defined Exceptions
    • Using User Defined Exceptions
    • Using Exception Keyword
    • Raise_Application_Error
    • Raise keyword
    • Pragma Exceptions
    • Exception Propagation
  • Procedures
    • Creating Procedures
    • Nested Procedures
    • Overloading Procedures
    • Exception handling and propagation
  • Functions
    • Creating Functions
    • Overloading Functions
    • Nesting Functions and Procedures
  • Packages
    • Package Basics
    • Package Specification
    • Package Body
    • Global constants
    • Writing Stored Procedures and Functions in Packages
    • Procedure Overloading
    • Function Overloading
    • Nesting of Functions & Procedures
    • Exception Handling in packages
  • Using Oracle Supplied Packages
  • Triggers & Adv. Triggers
    • Create, Replace, Drop
    • Trigger Types
    • Database Triggers
    • DML Triggers
    • INSTEAD OF Trigger
    • SECURITY Triggers
  • Advanced PLSQL
    • Dynamic Array or V Array
    • Oracle Pipes
    • Oracle Table Function
    • etc
  • Project
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    We are an ISO Certified Institute and into IT Training and Placements since 2014 or from 9+ yrs. We provide both classroom (Thane) and Live Online Trainings and have trained Indian and International students from countries like US, UK, Australia etc.

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    Trainers will be live and not recorded ones. Live Lectures conducted on Zoom, Google Meet, Gotomeet etc.

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    New batches at regular intervals. Short sized batches for individual attention. Limited seats per batch. For more info submit inquiry form.

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    Yes. We have provided corporate trainings in NMIMS, Infogix, GeBBS Healthcare solutions, PDG Softwares etc. Please submit inquiry form or call us to convey your requirements.

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    Yes. We have 1 student 1 laptop policy for all our trainings in our labs for practice.

    Our Training Process - We keep both lectures and practicals on same day. 1 to 1 Live doubt solving with personal attention.

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